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Update on the New Eye Hospital in Dhalkebar Nepal

We are pleased to report that construction has recently resumed at our new Eye Hospital project in Dhalkebar, Nepal, after an extended government-mandated halt due to Covid-19.

Expectations are that we will be able to open the building in 2021. Right now construction of the 3rd and final floor is underway. After that we will complete the electric and plumbing installation, finish the interior walls and floor, install the exterior windows, etc. This has been a HUGE undertaking for everyone involved.
In the “bad news” department we have recently been informed the Nepal Government will not be able to fulfill its earlier pledge of the final $70K USD needed for the project due to the extreme economic stress caused by Covid-19. With this loss of funding, we are scrambling to find the needed funds for completion.
In the “good news” department we recently obtained a sponsor to cover much of the cost of surfacing the nearly 200 meter access road to the new Eye Hospital.

A recent eye camp, including cataract surgeries, was held in the lower completed floor of the new Eye Hospital building. The need for eye care in this area is enormous, and the benefits to the local population are huge.