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Santa Ines Clinic

Nicaragua, Santa Ines Clinic Mobile Outreach

(Maria Compte, M.D. Director of Central American Programs)

Dooley Intermed is proud to continue its support for the Santa Ines Clinic medical Outreach program.

Dooley Intermed International’s Central America Program focuses on health service, health education and development of indigenous Miskito and Mayagna women and villagers living in the Coco River region of Nicaragua and Honduras. The program, first established over 22 years ago, has strong community-based components, and the overall goal of advancing the health of the most vulnerable residents, namely women and children, in this remote region of the world.

The Coco River region of Central America is among the most underprivileged in the Western Hemisphere. The largest waterway in Central America, the Coco or Wangki River provides a natural border between the countries of Nicaragua and Honduras. Four-fifths of this population is rural, living in small villages and hamlets scattered along coastal plains or the larger rivers of the region. Poverty levels here are amongst the highest in Central America, reaching up to four-fifths of the population.

People meagerly support themselves and their families through subsistence agriculture, which is limited to a few seasonal crops of rice, beans and bananas; other food-producing activities include sporadic hunting and fishing. Children under 18 comprise 48% of the population; one in three of them suffer from chronic malnutrition and multiparsitoses, primarily due to insufficient access to diversified, nutrient-rich foodstuffs, poor consumption habits, and very limited access to clean water and sanitation. Due to its isolation and under-development, this area has the sad privilege of being among the Central American regions with the worst health statistics, including very high infant and under-five year-old mortality.

Your kind gift will help us continue this remarkable mission.

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Dooley Intermed’s cooperative program with the Santa Ines Clinic in Nicaragua has 3 primary objectives:
  1. Supporting the Clinic in the Village of Waspam, which consists of an out patient department, 10 in-patient beds and a modest clinical laboratory.
  2. Coco River and Inland Outreach Program; Visits are made at regular intervals to Coco River Villages, as well as inland areas examining and treating villagers, and evaluating those who may need evacuation to the Waspam clinic or a municipal hospital for further diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Maternal and Child Health Education and Nutrition Program; focusing on the preventive medical services of immunizations, early detection of malnutrition, family planning, cervical and breast cancer screening. Health education classes are held regularly for mothers, pregnant women and caregivers.

This clinic is a genuine “lifeline” to all the area residents.  In the longstanding tradition of Dooley Intermed, healthcare workers from the Santa Ines Clinic still travel by boat and occasionally by dugout canoe to remote villages along the Coco River to provide medical treatment to those who are too sick or too poor to otherwise seek medical help.

Your donations make a genuine difference.

  • $ 10 provides prescription medication and antibiotics for a patient
  • $ 50 provides needed medical supplies for the Clinic
  • $250 provides a full week of hospitalization, treatment, and medicines