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Santa Ines CLinic, Nicaragua

Since the mid-1990s we have partnered with the Santa Ines Clinic of Waspam to deliver comprehensive programs in maternal-child care & reproductive health, hygiene, nutrition, and education to a population of about 45,000 Miskito and Mayagna people living in remote villages along the Coco and other rivers of the region.
The first mobile health outreach of 2019 has been completed; 12 rural communities of the South West Plain and 3 communities along the Coco River were visited by a team of Nicaraguan health care providers. A total of 3,705 patients were attended to, over 80% were women and children. For many, it was their first time seeing a doctor.
Some of the health problems are; Intestinal Parasitosis, respiratory tract infections, urinary tract Infections, acute diarrheal disease, conjunctivitis, Pelvic Inflammatory disease, hypertension. The team also attended to 54 oral health problems, including tooth extractions.