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Santa Ines Clinic, Nicaragua Update

Dooley Intermed continues its support for the Santa Ines Clinic in Waspam Nicaragua. Beginning in 1997 Dooley Intermed, in partnership with the Santa Inés Clinic of Waspam, Nicaragua, set in place a plan to bring quality medical care along with health, sanitation, child care and nutrition education programs to the Miskito and Mayagna people living on the Nicaraguan side of the Coco River.

Since then our Santa Ines Clinic-based Maternal/Child Project, thanks to the dedication and professionalism of our team of Nicaraguan and Miskito doctors and nurse-educators, has been very successful in fulfilling many of its goals, thus becoming a model program for the area.

During the months of April through June 2018 a total of 3,863 consultations were performed, of which 82.2% were provided in a rural area by medical and nursing staff. Most of the patients were women and children.