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Pandemic Food Relief Supply Distribution

The monks at the Pema Ts’al Monastic Institute in Nepal have requested assistance with urgently needed famine relief for refugees living in the Mustang District. Mustang is a semi-autonomous area of Nepal, located on the Tibetan Plateau bordering China. The local population depends primarily on subsistence agriculture, cross-border trade with China, and a modest amount of tourism. Two years ago they suffered significant damage to crops and houses due to heavy rains (very unusual on the Tibetan Plateau). Now the Covid pandemic has compounded their difficulties due to a closed border, no tourism, and marginal crops. Many individuals, including young children, are undernourished and the situation now borders on famine. Nepal has no social welfare service that can help. At times like this, the monks are the only viable source of help. We have worked closely with the monks at the Pema Ts’al for over a decade. As you may recall, we held our first “Gift of Sight” program at their Monastery and the following year traveled to Mustang with their assistance on a large-scale sight-restoring expedition. Since then they have worked cooperatively with Dooley Intermed on several humanitarian projects and programs. Many of the monks hail from destitute families in Mustang so they have great local knowledge and capabilities. The monks have reached out to Dooley Intermed requesting our assistance and you can help by donating today at


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