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Dooley Intermed International
Summary of Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts
As of June 1, 2015

The devastating earthquakes in Nepal have caused enormous damage and loss of life. The need for support and aid is ongoing, as it will take years to restore the infrastructure and housing needs.

Dooley Intermed has been active in Nepal for over 50 years, thus enabling us to go places and accomplish things that other organizations cannot. Working with our local partners at Mission Himalaya in Kathmandu, Dooley Intermed has delivered significant aid directly to the people in need. Our earthquake response efforts are listed below, and include a major humanitarian response in three very difficult to access districts of the earthquake epicenter, the Gorkha region.  Our President, Scott Hamilton, and Medical Director Dr. Indira Kairam have both personally been on-site in Nepal coordinating our activities.

The ongoing need is enormous, and the approaching monsoon makes providing adequate shelter a major priority, especially for the children. Your support and funding is making a genuine difference to many people in great need. 


All Photos Courtesy - Daniel A. Byers


Kashi Gaon Village – helicopter delivery of over 2 tons of urgently needed food supplies, and 200 tarpaulins to this remote Gorkha village in response to an emergency plea for help

Namjung, Fujel & Durbang Villages in Gorkha Region. 
Dooley Intermed help was officially requested and authorized by the Government of Nepal to provide vital aid to these 3 VDC’s (Village Development Committees) at the earthquake epicenter. In a series of expeditions to the area, we delivered and erected 64 shelters throughout the districts as temporary school classrooms and emergency dwellings. Working with our local Nepal partner Mission Himalaya, we provided a crew of 15 workers to help transport and erect the shelters in the most remote areas. Dooley Intermed’s Medical Director, Dr. Indira Kairam, conducted a 2 day free medical clinic in Durbang, treating all villagers in need. Working with the Bridge Foundation, we also provided each village healthpost with an extensive inventory of medicines and medical supplies.

Thame Village, Sokukhumbu region
Responding to an emergency request, Dooley Intermed provided five relief shelters to the monks at the Thame Monastery, who were forced to live out in the open at an altitude of 3,800m after their monastery was severely damaged by the 2nd earthquake. The shelters were transported to Lukla by helicopter, then carried on foot to Thame Village

Shanku Village, NE of Kathmandu
Dooley Intermed and Mission Himalaya conducted a site visit and met with local residents to arrange emergency shelters in advance of the oncoming monsoon. Materials are currently being sourced in India due to shortages in Nepal.

Kathmandu, Nepal
In response to an emergency request, Dooley Intermed provided emergency relief dome shelters to local families who had been living under tarps.

Bal Mandir Orphanage, Kathmandu
Dooley Intermed and Mission Himalaya provided a medical team to treat the suffering children at one of Kathmandu’s largest orphanages. We also provide much needed clothing and food.

Hot Kitchen Program, Nallu VDC, Ward No. 8
Dooley Intermed and Mission Himalaya provided a multi-day “Hot Kitchen” providing free meals to all in need, along with free healthcare and relief items.

Hot Kitchen Program, Lele VDC, Wards No. 4, 5 & 6
Dooley Intermed and Mission Himalaya provided a multi-day “Hot Kitchen” providing free meals to all in need, along with healthcare and relief items.

Hot Kitchen Program, Nuwakot VDC,
Dooley Intermed supported an all-day free medical clinic with 5 medical doctors, nurses and pharmacy assistants providing urgent medical care to over 350 villagers displaced by the earthquake.

Orphanage Eco-Farm, located in Sanku Village area.
Dooley Intermed provided a large 30’ diameter emergency dome shelter to protect the children during earthquakes and aftershocks.  Dooley Intermed, via our local partners at Mission Himalaya, has been requested by local officials to prepare to take in several additional children whose parents were both killed by the earthquakes. Legal documentation facilitating transfer of these homeless children to our orphanage is underway.

Our efforts continue as we provide ongoing assistance to the people of Nepal to help rebuild their homes and lives. 

With sincere thanks for your support.


5/29/15 Update

Earthquake Victims

Today has been a busy one for our teams in Nepal. At 7am Dr. Trisha Thakur departed Kathmandu with a team of 5 local doctors, plus nurses and pharmacists, on a three hour journey to Nuwakod Village. They are currently providing free treatment to five hundred patients, due back late tonight. 

Meanwhile our team Upper Gorkha is busy erecting temporary shelters and school classrooms, a total of 62, in multiple villages in the districts of Namjung, Fujel, and Dharbung. Our team has now been there for 4 days assisting the local population with transportation and construction.

Simultaneously Scott, Daniel and Dr. Kairam headed Northeast to the village of Shanku, reported to be badly damaged by the earthquakes. The devastation encountered was truly shocking. While there they met with local villagers to prioritized humanitarian needs...which are extensive. The pictures tell the story far better than words.

After meetings with our Mission Himalaya partners Scott and Dr. Kairam  will hop on a flight to Doha later this evening to begin the long journey back to the USA. Our work will continue as we help our friends in Nepal get back on their feet.

Shanku Village, Nepal - Earthquake Damage


Nepal Earthquake Aftershocks Continue....

Kathmandu experienced five aftershocks yesterday while our team was driving back from Pokhara. The drive from Pokhara is quite an experience as it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 hours depending on road conditions, landslides, traffic and wrecks. It is a narrow two lane highway winding up and down steep hills through rural villages and small towns along the way. It is also a major transportation portal and the only major east/west road in the area, so carries massive amounts of traffic of every type...huge trucks driven by kids who can hardly reach the pedals, overloaded busses fishtailing around corners, tractors, vans, motorcycles carrying freight and multiple passengers. Every vehicle constantly honks their horn signaling attempts to pass the slower smoke spewing vehicles ahead regardless of oncoming traffic or blind corners ahead. Adding to the excitement are the numerous pedestrians along the roadsides, along with chickens, goats, dogs, children and crossing traffic of every possible type. With no breakdown lanes, disabled vehicle park in the roadway attempting repairs on-site. Head on collisions are common, and charred wrecks adorn the roadside. It is always an adventure. We made it in 7 hours with only dozen or so close calls.
Upon arrival we had a strategy meeting with our partners at Kathmandu based Mission Himalaya, determine that our major emphasis moving forward needs to be housing, especially with the approaching monsoon. This morning our team will be performing site visits and evaluations on the Sankhu area NE of Kathmandu, and another area S of Kathmandu where we have been providing free meals with our "hot kitchens". In both of these areas the population is quite poor and the destruction has been massive.



Nepal Update 5/28/15

The remarkable monks at the Pema Ts'al Sakya Monastic Institute are performing special prayers for earthquake victims for 8 hours each day from May 26th thru June 2nd.  In addition, they have been making daily visits to earthquake victims hospitalized in the Pokhara area, providing free food as well as cash stipends to help the victims recover. These same monks have accompanied our Dooley team on a number of humanitarian eye & vision expeditions, serving as a highly capable assistants and interpreters. Our Dooley team, the monks, and a team from the Himalaya Eye Hospital had been scheduled to be in the Gorkha region the week following the earthquake.

Arising at 5:00 this morning our team traveled to the monastery to join the monks during their morning prayers. Afterward we met with the Headmaster, Ven. Lama Rigzen, to initiate plans for a monk-led humanitarian aid expedition to very remote and inaccessible villages in the Dhading district, to the East of Gorkha. The monks have remarkable access and local knowledge, so are able to go places and do things others cannot. Dooley Intermed looks forward to providing support for their expedition.
In the meantime Kathmandu, our destination today, reports a series of aftershocks. The road from Pokhara to Kathmandu easily qualifies as one of the world's deadliest highways. Fingers crossed for today's journey. We will update when we reach Kathmandu.


Monks perform prayers for earthquake survivors

Monks praying for earthquake victims


Sacred smoke, an offering to the Gods

The Himalayas, Annapurna on L, Sacred peak Machhapuchre toward R


Nepal Update 5/27/15

Lightning Strike hits camp...

A monster nighttime thunderstorm with torrential monsoon rains swept through our Gorkha campsite late in the night. One huge bolt hit our camp, and Daniel got zapped in his tent by high voltage ground current. He reports that he saw a blue arc flash across his metal tripod, lighting up the inside of his tent with a simultaneous electrifying jolt that ran through his left arm...still tingling today but functional. It was raining so hard, with so much thunder and lightning that no one knew he had been hit. It was a close one, as we were far more worried about earthquakes and landslides than lightning.

The road to upper Gorkha got washed out by the heavy rains so we had to adjust plans accordingly. We distributed shelters to the locals yesterday, and demonstrated the set-up techniques, so they were already en route the various villages by tractor, motorcycle and foot, accompanied by members of our Mission Himalaya team to supervise construction. We also restocked the local health posts and treated numerous patients. With the pre-monsoon rains upon us we retreated using a jeep trail, dodging herds of goats, wash outs and slides, and re-crossed the Trisuli River. Because we had a bit of extra time, we decided to head to Pokhara. Even the main paved road was washed out in places and, in one section, they had spotters watching for large rocks tumbling down the mountainsides into the road. The spotters would signal traffic to stop, as rocks the size of trash cans rolled down across the road, then signal for us to rush across the danger zone a couple of vehicles at a time.

Once we arrived in Pokhara we met with our eye-project monks at Pema Ts'al Sakya Monastic Institute, and also with our partners at The Himalaya Eye Hospital. Our present plan is to head back to Kathmandu tomorrow in order to evaluate earthquake damage in several of the smaller and poorer surrounding communities.

Nepal Update 5/25/2015

Latest news is that the blockage of the Kali Gandaki River has opened up and the river is flowing again. Kathmandu had a dust/ wind storm that briefly closed the airport due to sheets of corrugated iron blowing off rooftops across the runway. Otherwise it is just really hot and humid.

Our truck is being loaded with the medical supplies, food, and over two thousand pounds of relief shelters, and we are soon headed out overland for Gorkha District, the epicenter of the massive earthquake, a roughly six hour journey. We are also taking a "Sherpa" support team to assist with shelter construction, and will all be camping in tents. So far the monsoon rains are holding off, which is a really good thing for travel on the unimproved dirt roads. Our plan is to eatablish a base camp within the district, in a spot relatively safe from earthquakes and avalanches, and then make daily expeditions to the local VDC's to set up the school shelters, treat patients, and re-establish the local health posts. Apparently Kathmandu had an additional aftershock last night but we were all too tired to notice.

Communications are minimal in Gorkha so it is unlikely we will be able to send updates for a few day. I will try to send a satellite text message if time and circumstances permit.
Onward to Gorkha...

Photo Credit Daniel Byers

Nepal Update 5/24/2015

Mingma Sherpa from Thamo Village stopped by our Dooley Intermed/Mission Himalaya headquarters in Kathmandu today with an emergency request for shelters for the monks from Thame Monastery, in the Khumbu region. Minima, a professional guide, has climbed Mt. Everest 9 times, and his famous cousin Apa has summited the worlds highest peak 21 times, the world record.  Dooley President Scott Hamilton first met Apa during a climbing expedition back in 1994.
The Thame Monastery was very badly damaged by the recent earthquake and had to be evacuated. The monks are in desperate need of shelter, living in the open at 3,750m elevation and facing the rapidly approaching monsoon.
Dooley Intermed is pleased to provide 5 dome shelters, now planned for a helicopter trip tomorrow morning to Lukla Village. From Lukla the shelters will be hand carried for an additional 3 hours to the monks.

One of five relief shelters now headed to Thame Village in the Khumbu Region of Nepal

L to R; Bibhu Thakur, Chairman of Mission Himalaya, Scott Hamilton, President of Dooley Intermed, Mingma Sherp


Fundraiser at the Explors Club was a great sucess!

Dooley Intermed's Fundraiser at the Explorers Club last night was a great success! Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and efforts to help support the earthquake victims in Nepal...below : Standing Scott Hamilton, President and Program Director of Dooley Intermed, Dr. N. Stuart Harris,Chief, MGH Dept. of EM, Division of Wilderness Medicine Fellowship Director, Khenpo Pema Wangdak, Buddhist Monk and Founder of the Pema Ts'al Monastic Institute, Pokhara, Nepal and Dr. Verne Chaney, President Ret. and Founder Dooley Intermed International.


Nepal Earthquake Update 5/14

“Hot Kitchen" Program Expands

& Dooley Refugee Shelters en route to Nepal

Our Dooley Intermed supported Nepal partner, Mission Himalaya, has expanded our “Hot Kitchen” program to 3 new areas; Gyampe Dada, Lele Ward, and Nalu Ward, providing free hot meals and supplies to hungry villagers left homeless by the earthquake. Dooley is also very pleased to welcome Bridge Foundation, whose contributions have allowed Dooley & Mission Himalaya to expand our free meal program for earthquake victims..

Meanwhile we are pleased to report that 5 freight pallets of refugee shelters are on their way to Nepal via air freight. These are dome type structures, 14’ in diameter capable of safely sheltering an entire family. Several larger units will be used as all-weather schools, medical clinics, or distribution centers.  With the monsoon rapidly approaching, there is great urgency in providing adequate shelter to the earthquake refugees, many of whom are presently huddled under plastic tarps.  Our Dooley Intermed shelter shipment arrived in Istanbul this morning, and should arrive in Kathmandu within the next day or so.

Special Event 

The Explorers Club, Dooley Intermed International, and the Massachusetts General Hospital Wilderness Medicine Fellowship cordially invite you to a Yak Tea & cocktail reception to benefit victims of the Nepal earthquake.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 from 6 to 8 p.m. at
The Explorers Club,
46 E. 70th Street, NY, NY 10021

Honored guests: 

Dr. Verne Chaney, recipient of The Explorers Club Sir Edmund Hillary Humanitarian Award, and Founder, Dooley Intermed International

N. Stuart Harris MD MFA FRCP Edin.
Chief, MGH Dept of EM, Division of Wilderness Medicine
Fellowship Director, MGH Wilderness Medicine Fellowship

Ted Janulis, President, The Explorers Club

$100 min. donation per ticket – 100 percent of all ticket sales will go to help rebuild homes and lives in Nepal, divided evenly between Dooley Intermed and MGH Wilderness Medicine Fellowship.

In appreciation of their support all guests will receive a ceremonial kata scarf An early sellout is expected, please RSVP, 212 628 8383

Unable to attend? Donations gratefully accepted at and

Earthquake Update 5/9

Rescue Mission Success !

Pre-monsoon rains forced a 24 hour delay in our Dooley Intermed / Mission Himalaya relief helicopter flight to Kashi Gaun village in the Gorkha region. However a brief break in the weather earlier today allowed the relief flights to take place! Over 2 tons of food and supplies were successfully delivered to the isolated and desperate village. The response from the villagers was overwhelming. Our on-site aid director, Basanta, reports;

  “I am pleased to inform you that the first relief Aid from Dooley Intermed reached to Kashi Gaun in Upper Gorkha safely and I can't explain by word to you the happiness of the local people we had witness over there. We had also got the huge public support!! Thanks you so much for everything's that you have done for our Country.” 

“… now people have seen our work and many organizations has a big trusts on us and we are getting continues calls asking for the support.  Now people from two different districts and VDC's are asking for a immediate relief supplies such as tarps, food stuff, medicine etc. Please let me know weather we are in position to help them or??”

Dooley Intermed has already replied “YES” to the plea for emergency aid from the two additional districts. However, our resources are stretched thin and the ongoing need is enormous.  The villages at the epicenter of the massive Nepal earthquake need a lot of help, and Dooley Intermed is on the job, often going to places where other organizations cannot or will not go.

Continued support by our donors, people like you, is having a huge positive impact, helping people in desperate need in the heart of the earthquake zone.  Thank you for your support!


Nepal Update 05/07/2015

Helicopter Rescue Mission ....

Our Dooley Intermed sponsored team at Mission Himalaya in Kathmandu is currently responding to an urgent plea for help coming from  Kashi Gaon Village. The villagers are in dire straits due to the earthquake and resulting landslides blocking all the usual access routes for supplies. Local officials have advised the situation is critical, and have specially requested our Dooley / Mission Himalaya team  try to expedite relief aid by all possible means. Today we dispatched 2 tons of vital basic necessities including noodles, biscuits, rice, salt, sugar and cooking oil etc., along with soap and sanitation items overland by vehicle to Aurghat Village…literally at the end of the road.  In normal times goods would continue onward by mule caravan or porter, but the steep mountain trails were obliterated by landslides caused by the earthquake.  Overland transport is currently impossible and the village is unreachable by conventional means, so our team at Mission Himalaya has chartered a helicopter.  The chopper is scheduled to depart Kathmandu at 8am tomorrow morning (tonight USA time), flying via Aurghat Village, where we have staged the relief goods. Due to limited lifting capability, the helicopter will require 4 shuttle runs between Aurghat and  Kashi Gaon in order to deliver all the urgently needed supplies to the isolated and desperate village.   Two of our most trusted and experienced local agents, Basanta and Arjun are personally coordinating the effort, accompanied by Matt, a dedicated supporter from the Dubai based charity Gulf For Good who is helping raise funds to cover the helicopter costs to deliver this vital aid. This will also give our team a first-hand look at the village so we can formulate an ongoing plan to provide needed aid, and assist with rebuilding.  These missions are not without risk, so fingers crossed for safety and success of our Dooley /Mission Himalaya rescue mission.

Nepal Earthquake Relief Update 5/5/2015

Dooley Intermed’s response to the Nepal earthquake is helping hundreds of people in need daily. Working hand-in-hand with our Kathmandu based partners at Mission Himalaya we are providing food, clean water, and supplies to villagers who have been left homeless. We are pleased to report that all the children at our orphanage in the Sakhu Valley survived uninjured and that our orphanage building, of modern construction, emerged unscathed.

We are actively searching for any children who had both parents killed in the earthquake so that we can provide them with a safe and secure new home at our orphanage. In the meantime our Dooley funded MH team reached Bal Mandir, Nepal's largest orphanage where we had received information that babies and children were suffering outdoors in the rain without proper food, clothing or shelter. Our team delivered food, diapers, baby formula, and included three doctors who treated the sick children many suffering from flu and chest congestion. Thanks to Dr. Trishna Chand Thakur, Dr. Prajeeta Bhandari, Dr. Kristina Pradhan and Ana Gurung. And, of course special thanks to Bibhu Thakur who runs our partner organization, Mission Himalaya, in Kathmandu and is personally coordinating our local relief effort.

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who has donated to Dooley Intermed during this epic crisis. Without your help these vital aid programs would not be possible. The need is ongoing. Many of the older building in Nepal suffered damage or complete collapse, often crushing adjoining dwellings. The situation is far worse in the outlying villages, especially near the earthquake epicenter in the Gorka region. And, the monsoon is approaching. The situation is not good, and there remains much to be done.


UPDATE 4/30/15 on Mission Himalaya

Mission Himalaya, with the support of Dooley Intermed International Foundation New York, launched its first "MH Help Center" in southern Lalitpur providing free Hot Meals, free Medicines services, distribution of rice, vegetables, biscuits, snacks, instant noodles, glucose, soap, toothpaste, etc. Also water purifier and pipes for drinking water, buckets, mugs, etc. Toilet cleaners, antiseptic stuffs, etc., for appx 300+ people.

The "Hot Kitchen" will commence from tomorrow.

Charu, Karishma, Kalyan, Purusottam, Nitesh, Kishore, Sujan, Ram, Bhagwan and local coordinators all did a fantastic job. This will move on from one village to another and on an "ongoing basis" !!

The Help Center's security was coordinated by a Nepal Army platoon
without whose presence there could have been a scene of looting !!

More will be posted by Mission Himalaya team when they get back to Kathmandu later tonight!

Thank you to Scott W. Hamilton, President of Dooley Intermed International Foundation!!


Nepal has experienced a catastrophic earthquake. The epicenter was in the Gorka region, roughly midway between Pokhara and Kathmandu. The aftermath is almost indescribable, with thousands killed, and many thousands more trapped or missing.  Entire villages have been destroyed. Multiple buildings have collapsed throughout the country, including many historical sites in the capital of Kathmandu. The electricity is out, and food and water are in limited supply, and aftershocks continue.

Miraculously our in-country personnel have all survived, yet are living outdoors, in tents, for fear of further building collapses.

This epic disaster is likely to get worse in the coming days with shortages of food, shelter, clothing, and a desperate need for supplies.

Donations are urgently needed. At this specific moment we are considering all options as to where your generous donations will do the most good. We know Nepal very well, and our team members on the ground in Nepal are in the best position to identify critical needs, places where your donations will make a genuine difference, helping people and communities who are suffering greatly. Your funds will go toward relief, aid, assistance to children, and to those in the greatest need.

Dooley Intermed has been working in Nepal for over half a century. We know and love the country and its people. They need our help now, more than ever. Please help. Every dollar counts, and we will do our level best to be sure it is used for the greatest benefit possible to help this country and its people get back on their feet.

Thank you.

Scott Hamilton, President


News from the Dooley Intermed Restore Vision Expedition 2015  (postponed due to the earthquake)

Nepal Earthquake Postpones Restore Vision Expedition 2015 

Statement from Dooley Intermed International/Operation Restore Vision

April 27, 2015

Forty-eight hours before our team of ophthalmologists were to depart to Kathmandu for the Restore Vision Expedition, a devastating earthquake struck the capital city with loss of life in the thousands. The epicenter of the quake was in Upper Gorkha, the planned location for the Dooley Intermed/Operation Restore Vision eye camp set to open next week. This project has now been postponed.

Our partner, Himalaya Eye Hospital (HEH), has informed us that Upper Gorkha has had many injuries and much infrastructure damage such that the cooperative project we envisioned is simply not possible at this time. We have offered our team of doctors to HEH but they report very few people seeking care for eye injuries caused by the earthquake, most likely because of other more severe trauma.

It is a very difficult decision, but our team must be part of the solution, not an addition to the problem. Haiti was a prime example of how not to render aid, with numerous teams showing up with no infrastructure to support them, and no facility to work in.  While we all want to jump in and help, we have been advised by our local contacts in Nepal to postpone our planned project until conditions are under control and we can deliver care effectively. Typically after a disaster like this orthopedic surgeons are in the highest demand due to crushing injuries and need for amputation.

In the meantime Dooley Intermed has transferred funds to our Kathmandu based agent, Mission Himalaya, so that we can react swiftly to provide vital assistance as targeted situations to provide aid are identified. We will stand ready to assist as much as possible, and wherever possible. Donations are being accepted at

While we are thankful our trusted colleagues in Nepal are reported safe, it pains us greatly to think of the loss of life among their friends and family. They will be in our prayers.

Scott Hamilton
Dooley Intermed International

Ronald C. Gentile
Operation Restore Vision


Thank You to our Sponsors and Supporters

In addition to Dooley Intermed International, the expedition is sponsored by ISMS-Operation Restore Vision (, Sherpa Adventure Gear which is providing Nepal-manufactured outdoor apparel for the team (, and Eureka High Camp Tents by Johnson Outdoors (

Supporters are: DeLorme inReach Explorer Two-Way Satellite Communicator with built-in Navigation, and Power Practical Portable Chargers.

Sherpa Adventure Gear Sponsors 2015 Restore Vision Expedition

Dooley Intermed International medical team heads to Nepal May 1-10th to
provide eye care to villagers in remote Gorkha region. Sherpa Adventure Gear will
supply 24-person team with functional, weather-ready outdoor apparel


U.S. Medical Team Sets Sights on Curing Blindness in Remote Gorkha Region of Nepal Restore Vision Expedition Targets 1,800 Villagers in Impoverished Roadless Region

Check back daily for Blog Updates from the field beginning April 29 thru May 10 



WATCH NOW -  Gift of Sight Expedition 

Mustang Gift of Sight - Dooley Intermed International from Skyship Films on Vimeo.


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